Nothing divides opinion like a good pregnancy portrait. Believe it or not, some people really don’t think they should be allowed. I happen to think they’re beautiful, but then I would say that. Luckily, quite a few people agree. If you’re one of ‘us’, click below. If nudity offends though, avert your eyes…

I’d appreciate your opinions… just fill in the comments box.

Why would I?  To remember a special time in your life, or to be the subject of a fine art photograph. Because you’ll photograph your baby endlessly from birth, so why not before?

Do I have to be naked?!  Ha! No, there are loads of styles of pregnancy portrait to suit different people and tastes. You can include your partner and other children too.

What’s the best stage to do it? I’m reliably informed:)that 34 weeks -ish is good as anything later gets a little more uncomfortable. But it’s really up to you. For the monthly version, we usually start at about 4 months or whenever you feel you’re beginning to show.

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