Lucy in the Lake with Wellies

I first met Lucy when she was seven months old. She’s possibly the happiest child I’ve met and a pleasure to photograph. This is her¬†fourth session and she’s now four years old. And as you can see she’s not phased by paddling in England’s largest lake.

Even when dad goes a bit far out…


Sam’s Boudoir at Windermere Suites

Sam’s partner purchased a boudoir session for her during their stay at Windermere Suites last month. It was a glorious day outside, so the light flooded in and we spent a couple of hours taking photographs after hair and makeup by Jackie Brader. Thanks to Sam for allowing me to use these images.

Box Brownie

As far as I’m aware I’ve still got every camera I’ve ever owned, and they’re all still working. I’ve even got some of my Dad’s old cameras.

But it did make me shudder when, not so long ago, after one of several recent house-moves, I was showing some old photos to my family and I noticed that the Box Brownie I had in my hands at the time was hanging from my Dad’s hand in the photo:)

If I could say anything to him now, I’d have to have a word about that tie!

Misty Grasmere

I really must buy myself a 4×4. Just an old battered one that stops and starts and doesn’t mind scratches. Just so I can venture further when the snow comes.

Even so, just driving on the main road from Ambleside to Grasmere gives some great views if you can find a parking space. Rydal Water looked fantastic as I drove past, but for some reason Grasmere had this ethereal mist on the frozen snow-covered surface.

I love the idea that these images will be shown to boyfriends/girlfriends in the years to come, and no doubt at 18th birthday parties:)